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The Little League All-Star Tournaments

The Little League All-Star Tournament is an opportunity for the best players in ATLL and Aces to compete against the best players from other Little Leagues in our district, state and region. In order to be eligible for an ATLL Little League All-Star team, the player must play in at least 8 Little League games during the season. 
Each year, participating District 9 leagues enter All-Star teams to compete in a double elimination district tournament with the winning team advancing to the Ohio State Tournament. At the Ohio State Tournament, the teams will again compete in a double elimination tournament against the other 10 Ohio district champions.  

There is a District 9 All-Star tournament for the following age groups/divisions: 

  • 8U Coach Pitch
  • 8U Kid Pitch
  • 8/9/10U
  • 9/10/11U
  • Little League (12U)
  • Intermediate (13U)
  • Junior (14U)
  • Senior (16U)

For the 8U Coach Pitch, 8U Kid Pitch, 9/10 and 10/11 year old All Star divisions, the teams can only advance to the State level. For the 12 (Little League), Intermediate (ages 11-13), Juniors (ages 12-14) and Seniors (ages 13-16), the winning team at the Ohio State Tournament will advance to the International Regional Tournaments held in various locations in Great Lakes Region. Winners from the Regional Games will advance to the World Series and compete against US and International teams.

All divisions have a state tournament except for the 8U Coach and Kid Pitch. 

  • Players who make an All-Star team need to be able to commit to all of the possible tournaments (District, State, Regional, World Series - see below for timing). 

  • All-Star uniforms are provided by ATLL.   

Parent All-Stars FAQ

What are the D9 All Star games?  

D9 is the Little League All Star Tournament.  D9 stands for District 9, which is our district that includes Mason, Hamilton, Anderson, Loveland, Monroe, Miami, Lakota, etc.. The winner of the district tournament goes to the Little League State tournament, and eventually on to the Little League World Series.  

When are the tournaments?

Typically mid-July.  State tournament is typically mid or late July, so districts has to be completed prior to that.  For example, 8U usually will be the last week of June or early July.

What sort of time commitment is required?  

Early to mid-May we will be asking for coaches that are interested and selecting the coaches.  Depending on interest levels, the all-star coaches will organize the team and begin practicing as a separate team in early-to-mid June, typically 2-4 times a week.  Game wise, it’s a double elimination tournament, so it could range from 2 games to 8.  The D9 tournament is local, state tournament will be hosted by another Ohio based Little League (i.e. anywhere in Ohio).

What is the benefit for the players?  

It’s a very cool experience.  Typically it’s the best competition of the year, so the players learn a lot.   Also, generally they practice a few days a week between the beginning/middle of June to the start of the tourney mid July. The talent at the all star level is strong. It will likely be the best pitching the kids face all year. Players also receive an ATLL all-star jersey and hat for the tournament. 

Who is eligible to play? 

ATLL and Aces players are eligible to participate in all-stars, provided their primary residence is within the ATYS boundary. Additionally, the player must compete in at least 8 Little League regulated games during the season. 

Depending on interest levels, we may hold a tryout and teams will be selected by the ATYS All-Star Coordinator in partnership with the ATYS Board.  We factor in as much as possible between the tryout (if applicable) and game experience, but also consider positional balance.   Pitching is important, as is having solid position players at outfield, shortstop, etc..  Generally we select between 11 and 13 players.  If we have enough interest and talent, we will add additional teams (with the exception of Little League 12U as each league is only permitted to submit one team at this division). 

Who manages these teams?  

Managers can volunteer, but in the end, managers and assistant coaches are chosen/approved by the ATYS Board.  We want managers with solid baseball experience, good teaching skills, a good steward of our organization, and a child that is clearly a candidate to make the team. 

What does it cost? 

No additional cost. The All-Star experience is subsidized by ATYS.  


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