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Parent FAQ

When is registration? 

December 1st – February 1st. Late registrations will be accepted through February 28th and there is a $20.00 charge for registrations submitted after February 1st.

How do I know what Division is best for my child?

Divisions are based on age and some ages may have the option to choose between two levels.  Here is a high-level breakdown of what the average player can do at each age level:

  • A (Tee Ball) – Brand new to baseball, has never played.
  • AA (Coach Pitch) – Has at least one year of tee ball experience or is of AA age playing for the first time.  Still beginner baseball.
  • AAA-American (Intro to Player Pitch) – Players should be getting pretty good at playing catch.  Can accurately throw and catch 40’ approximately 75% of the time.  Can consistently put the bat on the ball during coach pitch.
  • AAA-National – Players have played at least one year of AAA-American.  They should be able to accurately throw 40’ approximately 90% of the time and accurately throw 65’ approximately 75% of the time.  Should rarely drop a ball that is accurately thrown to them.
  • Majors – Competitive Little League baseball.  This is the division and rules that you see in the Little League World Series.
  • Intermediate 50/70 – Full baseball rules including leading off. 70 base paths and 50 foot pitching distance.
  • Juniors - Full baseball rules including leading off for players ages 13 to 14 years old.  Conventional 90 foot diamond and pitching distance of 60 foot, 6 inches.  
  • Seniors – Full baseball rules including leading off for players ages 15 to 16 years old.  Conventional 90 foot diamond and pitching distance of 60 foot, 6 inches.  

Who do I speak with if I think my child needs to play in a different division than his age allows?

You need to contact the ATLL Player Agent at [email protected].  The Player Agent will review all available data and attending an evaluation session in January will most likely be required.

Can girls play ATLL baseball? 

YES!  All divisions are coed.

Can my child play on a team with his friends?

Yes!  ATLL allows each player to request up to three friends whom they would like to have on their team.  In many cases all three requests will be granted.  Depending on team size and balance and the other child’s requests, you may only get one or two friend requests granted.  If you only request one other child or if you only request the children of a manager or assistant coaches then your chances of getting your friend request will be lower.  It is recommended that you confirm with those other kids what division they plan to play prior to registration.  Changes can be difficult and

many times impossible to make once the teams have been set.

Can I request a manager?

Yes; however, it is not guaranteed, as the most popular managers are requested the most. It isn't uncommon for 20-30 registrants all asking to play for the same manager. Obviously this is larger than the allowable roster size, so concessions need to be made.

As a Manager, can I request what players are on my team?

No, you may not request specific players be placed on your team; however, as the manager you are guaranteed that your children will be placed on your team and you may name up to three Assistant Coaches whose children will also be placed on your team.

Why doesn’t ATLL allow the same team to stay together every year?

Every baseball league must make a decision as to the philosophies of their mission and how their league will operate to best benefit the players.  ATLL has made the decision that the best experience we can offer our players is through fun, competitive baseball.  It’s only natural that over time a Manager may drop some kids who aren’t as interested  baseball and pick up some kids who are stronger players.  In the end this leads to unbalanced divisions and a poor baseball experience for players at both ends of the spectrum.  Ultimately the same core team can stick together year after year if they choose.  If a team must be split to maintain division parity, then multiple friends will remain together so that no individual player is split off by themselves.

How many games and practices each week?  This will vary by division:

  •  A (Tee Ball) – Saturday Only. 1 hour practice followed by a 1 hour game.
  • AA (Coach Pitch) – 1 practice per week with 1 game on Saturday and 1 bi-weekly weeknight game.
  • AAA-American (Intro to Player Pitch) – 1 practice per week with 1 weeknight game, and 1 Saturday game.
  • AAA-National – 1 practice per week with 1 weeknight game and 1 Saturday game.
  • Majors – 1 practice per week with 1 weeknight game and 1 Saturday game.
  • Intermediate – 1 practice per week with 1 weeknight game and 1 Saturday game.
  • Juniors & Seniors – varies per team.

What equipment is provided?

ATLL provides each team with an equipment bag, bases, jerseys and hats. Helmets are available upon request. Players are responsible for their own pants, belts, socks, cleats, baseball glove, and bat.

What are the bat standards for Little League?

All bats used in Little League must have a USA Baseball sticker on the bat.  Bats can be as large as 2 5/8” diameter on the barrel.  For detailed information, visit our page on the Little League bat standard  here: USA Baseball Bat Standard

What size bat should I buy for my child? 

This is a tough question to answer and ultimately depends on the size and strength of your child.  Check out this following link for detailed information on helping you choose the proper bat: Baseball Bat Buying Guide

When will I find out what team I’m on?

Teams will be set around the end of March just before practices begin.

When does the season start and end?

Practices start around the beginning of April with games starting mid-April.  The season ends the last weekend in June. 

Where are games and practices played?

One of the BEST things about ATLL is that all practices and games are played in and around Anderson Township.  ATLL uses the elementary school fields for the younger divisions and the Anderson Park District fields for the older divisions starting at AAA-American.  Don’t drive all over the city when you can get good, competitive baseball right here in your backyard!  Intermediate, Junior, and Senior teams will travel to play other D9 Little League teams such as Loveland, Mason, & Lebanon.

Do you keep score and standings?

Starting at the AAA-American level, games are scored and recorded.  Game results and season standings can be tracked on our website, but keep in mind season standings will have no bearing on seeding for division tournaments.

Is there a tournament at the end of the season?

Yes, there is a season ending tournament the last three weeks of June for all AAA-American, AAA-National, and Majors divisions.  Championship Saturday is the final day of the season with the Championship games all taking place at the same park, the fields are freshly chalked, and even PA announcers and other special game day celebrations have been done in the past.


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